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Sasha Banks: Update on what WWE CREATIVE reportedly have been told

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The world of professional wrestling is abuzz with speculation about the potential return of Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks, to WWE.

Since her departure from WWE in April 2022, fans and insiders alike have been eagerly anticipating her next move. Recent developments have shed light on the situation, particularly regarding the WWE creative team’s awareness and preparedness for her possible comeback.

Mercedes Mone’s exit from WWE was a significant event in the wrestling world, leaving a void many fans hoped would be filled by her eventual return. However, the flow of information within WWE regarding her comeback has been notably sparse.

Notably, Sean Ross Sapp, in a Backstage Report podcast for Fightful Select, revealed that the WWE creative team has not been briefed on any plans for Sasha Banks’ return. This lack of preparation doesn’t necessarily imply that a return isn’t on the cards, but it does highlight the secretive nature of such high-profile wrestling comebacks.

Sasha Banks: Comparisons with Past WWE Returns

This situation is reminiscent of other surprise returns in WWE history, such as CM Punk’s unexpected comeback.

In that instance, the creative team was also kept in the dark until the last moment, mirroring the current scenario with Mercedes Mone.

This approach seems to be a strategic choice by WWE to maintain an element of surprise and excitement among fans and within the industry.

The Future of Mercedes Mone in WWE

The future of Mercedes Mone in WWE remains a topic of intense speculation. With her no longer under contract with NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling), the possibilities for her career are wide open.

WWE, known for its dramatic narratives and surprise twists, could very well be planning a major storyline for her return.

However, as of now, the creative team’s lack of involvement suggests that if such plans exist, they are being kept under tight wraps.

Sasha Banks WWE Return: Fan Speculation and Expectations

Fans of Mercedes Mone are eagerly discussing potential scenarios for her return to WWE. The excitement and speculation surrounding her possible comeback are testament to her impact and popularity in the wrestling world.

Whether she returns to WWE or takes her talents elsewhere, her next steps are sure to be a major talking point among wrestling enthusiasts.


  • Who is Mercedes Mone? Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks, is a professional wrestler who left WWE in April 2022.
  • Has the WWE creative team been briefed about her return? As per recent reports, the WWE creative team has not been informed about any plans for Mercedes Mone’s return.
  • Why is her potential return to WWE significant? Mercedes Mone is a highly popular and influential figure in professional wrestling, and her return to WWE would be a major event in the industry.
  • Is there any confirmation of her return to WWE? As of now, there is no official confirmation about her return to WWE.
  • Could her return be a surprise, similar to other WWE comebacks? Given the precedent of surprise returns in WWE, it’s possible that her comeback, if it happens, could be kept a secret until the last moment.
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