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Sasha Banks: What WWE Creative have been told about potential return

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The buzz around Sasha Banks, known in the NJPW as Mercedes Mone, and her potential return to WWE is gaining momentum.

Despite her high-profile departure from WWE in May 2021, following a creative disagreement, the question of her comeback has been a topic of much speculation.

Sasha Banks, alongside Naomi, made their last WWE television appearance on the May 13th episode of SmackDown. Their subsequent departure was marked by a shift to other wrestling platforms.

Naomi, now Trinity, joined Impact Wrestling, while Banks, as Mercedes Mone, made a significant impact in New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Women’s division. However, her journey was halted due to an ankle injury.

Sasha Banks: Rumours and Speculations

The wrestling community has been abuzz with rumours about Banks’ return to WWE. These speculations were further fuelled when Bayley, a fellow wrestler, posted a throwback photo of Banks with other Damage CTRL members on her Instagram Story.

This gesture by Bayley led many to believe that a WWE return might be on the cards.

WWE Creative’s Stance on Sasha Banks

Despite the growing rumours and fan anticipation, a tenured member of the WWE creative team apparently claimed to Ringside News that there are currently no plans for Banks’ return.

This revelation comes amidst WWE’s history of surprise returns, as seen with CM Punk’s comeback, which was finalized just ten days before Survivor Series.

However, as of now, the creative team has reportedly not discussed a potential return for Banks.


  • What is Sasha Banks’ current status in professional wrestling?
    • Banks, now known as Mercedes Mone, has been active in NJPW but is currently recovering from an ankle injury.
  • When did Sasha Banks last appear in WWE?
    • Banks last appeared on WWE television on the May 13th episode of SmackDown in 2021.
  • Are there any plans for Mercedes Mone to return to WWE?
    • As per the latest information, WWE’s creative team currently has no plans for Banks’ return.
  • What led to Sasha Banks’ departure from WWE?
    • Banks and Naomi left WWE due to a creative disagreement with Vince McMahon in May 2021.
  • Has Banks appeared in any other wrestling promotions?
    • Yes, she appeared in NJPW as Mercedes Mone and was also spotted at AEW All In London.
  • Is there a possibility of Sasha Banks returning to WWE in the future?
    • While there’s always a possibility in the dynamic world of professional wrestling, there are no current discussions within WWE’s creative team regarding her return.
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