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WWE REMOVES former Superstar from video after AEW appearance

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Mercedes Mone has undoubtedly carved a niche for herself in the world of professional wrestling. Having worked diligently, she’s now one of the most prominent female pro wrestlers globally. Her journey took her to renowned wrestling platforms like WWE, NJPW and STARDOM, where she became a significant star, especially in Japan.

In a move that left many fans and experts stunned, Mercedes Mone decided to part ways with WWE. This unexpected decision came to light when she walked out during a Monday Night RAW episode in May of the previous year.

This exit not only shocked the wrestling community but also marked the beginning of a new chapter in her career. Japan became her new wrestling home, where she not only continued her legacy but also gave it a fresh lease of life.

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The AEW All In Appearance

Recently, fans were in for another surprise when Mercedes made an unexpected appearance at AEW All In.

She wasn’t just a passive observer; the event’s organisers ensured she received ample spotlight throughout the show. This appearance further solidified her position outside the WWE universe.

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WWE: Controversial Move

However, it seems WWE isn’t too pleased with her new affiliations.

In a recent video clip posted on the WWE Network, which showcased Bayley’s 2019 heel turn on Becky Lynch, Mercedes Mone was conspicuously absent.

The video had been edited in such a manner that Mone, who was originally a part of that heel turn, was nowhere to be seen.

Not the First Time for WWE

This isn’t an isolated incident, as the company has a history of removing references or traces of former employees from their content.

Whether it’s a strategic move or an emotional reaction, the fact remains that once you’re out of WWE, the chances of being erased from its history are quite high.

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What Lies Ahead for Mercedes Mone?

While WWE might be distancing itself from Mercedes, AEW seems to have different plans.

Tony Khan, the owner of the company, has expressed interest in bringing Mone on board once she’s fully recovered from her recent injury.

This indicates that a return to WWE might not be on the cards for her in the near future.

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