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Update on Sasha Banks and potential WWE Royal Rumble appearance

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As the WWE Royal Rumble approaches, speculation and rumours are rife about the potential appearances of various wrestling stars.

Among the most talked-about names is Sasha Banks, whose status for the event has been a subject of intense discussion among fans and insiders alike.

WWE News: Sasha Banks’ Current WWE Status

Sasha Banks, a prominent figure in the WWE universe, has been absent from the WWE ring for a considerable period, leading to widespread speculation about her potential return.

Despite the buzz, reliable sources, including Fightful Select, have indicated that Banks, along with other notable wrestlers like Kazuchika Okada and MJF, are not expected to participate in the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble.

This news has certainly dampened the spirits of many fans who were eagerly anticipating her return.

WWE News: Impact on the WWE Royal Rumble

The absence of Sasha Banks from the Royal Rumble lineup raises questions about the event’s direction and the potential impact on storylines.

Banks, known for her charismatic presence and in-ring prowess, has been a pivotal figure in previous WWE events in the past before she, and her absence will be felt.

However, WWE has a history of delivering surprises, and the Royal Rumble could still hold some unexpected developments.

Future Prospects for Sasha Banks

While the immediate future does not include a Royal Rumble appearance for Banks, her career trajectory remains a topic of interest.

Fans are keenly awaiting any news regarding her return to WWE or potential ventures into other wrestling promotions, such as AEW, or entertainment avenues.


  • Will Sasha Banks be at the WWE Royal Rumble? No, Sasha Banks is not expected to appear at the WWE Royal Rumble, as per recent reports.
  • What are the reasons for Sasha Banks’ absence? Specific reasons for her absence have not been officially disclosed.
  • Could Sasha Banks return to WWE in the future? While her immediate plans are unclear, a future return to WWE remains a possibility.
  • Who else is not expected at the WWE Royal Rumble? Alongside Sasha Banks, Kazuchika Okada and MJF are also not anticipated to participate.
  • How does her absence affect the WWE Royal Rumble? While her absence is a disappointment to many fans, the WWE Royal Rumble is known for its surprises and is likely to feature other exciting developments.
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