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SCRAPPED WWE SmackDown Bloodline plans REVEALED

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The world of WWE is always buzzing with excitement, anticipation, and sometimes, the intrigue of what could have been. Recently, some fascinating details emerged about scrapped plans involving a dominant faction on WWE SmackDown, The Bloodline.

This revelation offers a glimpse into the creative process behind one of WWE’s most compelling storylines.

The Bloodline’s Dominance on WWE SmackDown

For over three years, The Bloodline, led by Roman Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, has been a central focus on WWE programming, particularly on SmackDown.

Their storylines have captivated audiences, blending family drama with intense in-ring action. The faction’s influence and impact on WWE’s landscape have been undeniable, making any behind-the-scenes insights particularly intriguing.

The Unseen Anoa’i Family Involvement on SmackDown

A key aspect of the scrapped plans involved the broader Anoa’i family, a renowned lineage in professional wrestling.

Lance Anoa’i, a member of this illustrious family, shared in an interview with that there were intentions to bring in various family members for a segment known as the ‘Tribal Court’. This segment, which aired on RAW in January, was a pivotal moment for the group, particularly for Sami Zayn, the group’s then Honorary Uce.

Lance revealed that the original idea was to include not just him but also his grandfather, father, uncles, and cousins in the segment. However, due to contractual obligations and other commitments, this ambitious plan could not materialise.

This revelation highlights the complexities and challenges in orchestrating such large-scale segments in professional wrestling.


  • What was the scrapped plan for The Bloodline in WWE?
    • The plan involved bringing in various members of the Anoa’i family for a ‘Tribal Court’ segment, but it was scrapped due to contractual issues.
  • Who is Lance Anoa’i?
    • Lance Anoa’i is a member of the renowned Anoa’i wrestling family and was among those considered for inclusion in the scrapped segment.
  • Why were the plans scrapped?
    • The plans were scrapped due to contractual obligations and other commitments of the family members.
  • What does this reveal about WWE’s creative process?
    • It highlights the complexities and challenges in orchestrating large-scale segments and the fluid nature of storytelling in WWE.
  • Could the Anoa’i family feature in future WWE storylines?
    • Yes, with Lance Anoa’i now a free agent and the family’s deep wrestling roots, there’s potential for future involvement in WWE storylines.
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