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Seth Rollins reveals why he wore Shield gear at WWE Royal Rumble

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WWE Superstar Seth Rollins recently discussed why he decided to wear The Shield gear as part of his match with Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble 2022.

Speaking to Radio Row, Rollins noted that it was something that he had brewing in his mind with the group being so intertwined with his and Roman’s careers.

“It was something that was in my mind. Obviously, anytime you enter into a story with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, you’ve got to know the history of the Shield, you know?” Rollins began.

“So it would’ve been a disservice to our fanbase to not touch on that. And then the more we touched on it, the more that I realized that it really started to bother Roman. There was a piece of him that he hadn’t fully dealt with, you know?” Rollins added.

“It was something, some unrequited regret, something in there that he hasn’t really touched on. And so the more I messed with him, the more it became a real possibility that was going to be something that would get inside of his head.

“Because, look, the guy’s a super athlete. He’s got a lot of advantages when it comes to size and strength, but when it comes to the mental game of what we do, there’s nobody better than me. So it was maybe not a last-second call, but pretty close to it.

“Luckily, St. Louis is close to home and I had some backup on the way. I made my presence in a Brock/Roman match once before at WrestleMania so who’s to say I couldn’t do it again. But who knows? We are roughly seven or eight weeks out from WrestleMania at this point now and so, anything can happen between now and then” Rollins concluded.

Seth Rollins Royal Rumble 2022
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Seth Rollins on Roman Reigns

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