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Seth Rollins WrestleMania XL plans reportedly ALTERED

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In a surprising turn of events, WWE has reportedly altered the WrestleMania XL plans for Seth Rollins, one of the company’s top superstars.

This development follows Rollins’ recent injury, which he sustained during a match against Jinder Mahal on RAW.

WWE News: Rollins’ Injury and WrestleMania Uncertainty

Seth Rollins, known for his exceptional work ethic, defended his title against Jinder Mahal last week on RAW.

Unfortunately, during this high-octane match, Rollins suffered a torn meniscus in his left leg. Despite this setback, Rollins confirmed on RAW this week that he intends to compete at WrestleMania XL.

This announcement came after an interruption by Gunther, leading to speculation about a potential match between the two.

WWE News: Gunther as the New Challenger

According to Sports Illustrated, WWE has reshaped its plans for Rollins at WrestleMania XL. Initially, there was speculation that CM Punk would challenge Rollins.

However, the focus has now shifted to Gunther, who is currently the favourite to win the Royal Rumble. Winning the Royal Rumble would position Gunther to potentially dethrone Rollins on the first night of WrestleMania XL.


  • What injury did Seth Rollins sustain?
    • Seth Rollins suffered a torn meniscus in his left leg.
  • Will Seth Rollins still compete at WrestleMania XL?
    • Yes, despite his injury, Rollins has confirmed his intention to compete at WrestleMania XL.
  • Who is now speculated to challenge Seth Rollins at WrestleMania XL?
    • Gunther is now the favorite to challenge Rollins, especially if he wins the Royal Rumble.
  • What was the original plan for Seth Rollins at WrestleMania XL?
    • Initially, there was speculation about CM Punk challenging Rollins at WrestleMania XL.
  • How long is Rollins’ recovery expected to take?
    • If he had surgery, Rollins’ recovery could take 3-4 months. However, his decision to compete at WrestleMania XL suggests a different approach to his recovery.
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