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Shawn Michaels CAUGHT OFF GUARD by shocking WWE NXT release

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In a surprising turn of events that has sent ripples through the WWE community, Shawn Michaels, the revered figure in the world of wrestling, has expressed his astonishment over the recent release of McKenzie Mitchell from WWE NXT.

This development comes in the wake of significant changes within the WWE, following its merger with UFC to form TKO Group Holdings.

Shawn Michaels on The Unexpected Announcement

McKenzie Mitchell, known for her on-screen presence as a host across various WWE media outlets and NXT, recently announced her departure from the company.

Despite the unexpected nature of her release, Mitchell maintained a positive stance towards WWE. Her exit, however, was not anticipated by many, including Shawn Michaels, a key figure in the NXT segment.

Shawn Michaels: Reaction

During a media call for the NXT Deadline Premium Live Event, Michaels, often referred to as “The Heartbreak Kid,” was questioned about Mitchell’s departure.

He candidly admitted his lack of insight into the decision-making process, expressing genuine surprise and a sense of being blindsided by the news.

Michaels highlighted that Mitchell will always be a part of the NXT family, despite the unforeseen circumstances leading to her release.

The Dynamics of Change in WWE

Acknowledging the inevitability of changes and overlapping roles within the organisation, Michaels emphasised the ongoing connection Mitchell has with NXT.

He conveyed optimism about the possibility of her returning to WWE in the future, underscoring the company’s policy of keeping doors open for former talents.

Michaels’ remarks reflect the complex and often unpredictable nature of career trajectories in the world of sports entertainment.

The Impact of Mitchell’s Departure

Mitchell’s departure from WWE NXT has notably impacted the community, with Michaels and others expressing their admiration and fondness for her.

Her positive influence and warm reception within NXT have been widely acknowledged, and her absence will be felt.

As Michaels pointed out, while the “machine” of WWE must continue, the loss of Mitchell is a significant one for the NXT family.


  • Who is Shawn Michaels?
    • Shawn Michaels, also known as “The Heartbreak Kid,” is a legendary figure in WWE, particularly known for his contributions to the NXT segment.
  • What was McKenzie Mitchell’s role in WWE?
    • McKenzie Mitchell served as an on-screen host for various WWE media outlets and NXT.
  • Why was McKenzie Mitchell’s release from WWE surprising?
    • Her release was unexpected, particularly to figures like Shawn Michaels, who were unaware of the decision and its timing.
  • Will McKenzie Mitchell return to WWE?
    • While her immediate future outside WWE is uncertain, the possibility of a return remains, as WWE often keeps doors open for former talents.
  • What does this release signify for WWE NXT?
    • Mitchell’s departure signifies the dynamic and unpredictable nature of careers in WWE NXT, highlighting the ongoing changes within the organization.
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