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Shawn Michaels reveals ‘burden’ of keeping Montreal Screwjob a secret

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Montreal Screwjob remains to be one of the darkest chapters in pro wrestling history. WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were involved in the controversial incident. For those who are not aware, Michaels had defeated WCW-bound Bret Hart in the main event to win the WWE Championship.

‘The Hitman’ thought the match was going to end in disqualification, meaning he would retain the title. However, Vince McMahon ordered referee Earl Hebner to award the win to Michaels when he locked his opponent in the sharpshooter. Thus, began a contentious relationship between Vince and Hart as the latter departed the company on a bitter note.

Shawn Michaels reveals how he had a tough time keeping the finish to the match a secret

The Heartbreak Kid was one of the few people who knew before the match that McMahon changed the finish without informing Hart. Speaking on the ‘True Geordie Podcast,’ he opened up about having to keep the match outcome a secret backstage.

‘That’s the part that sucked the most, to be perfectly honest, especially at that time,’ Michaels said. ‘I felt so much better being able to say, ’˜Yes, I knew.’ That honestly, in the long run, became the hardest and the biggest burden because what we have in there, no matter what you may feel about somebody personally, there’s a trust there that we have with one another every night that we go out there.’ 

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Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels famously disliked each other behind the scenes. However, years passed and things started to mend.

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