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TOP WWE Superstar calls for HUGE event in the UK

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest call from a top WWE superstar, Sheamus, who is echoing the sentiments of John Cena about bringing the grandeur of WrestleMania to London.

The specific venue in question? The iconic Wembley Stadium.

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WWE and Wembley’s Historical Significance

Wembley Stadium, with its rich history and massive seating capacity, has always been seen as the perfect venue for a UK-based WrestleMania.

Interestingly, the last time WWE hosted an event at this venue was way back during SummerSlam 1992. The long hiatus from Wembley might soon be broken, especially with AEW’s upcoming event, “All In”, scheduled for August 27th, which has already distributed over 78,000 tickets.

This move by AEW underscores the potential for WWE to make a similar move in the near future.

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Sheamus’s Vision for WrestleMania in the UK

Sheamus, in his recent comments, expressed his enthusiasm for the idea during an interview with WWE on TNT Sports.

“I’d love to see it happen. WrestleMania on this side of the isles would be fantastic,” he remarked. He further emphasised the benefits for European and Irish fans, pointing out the significant costs they bear in terms of airfares and accommodations when attending events in the US.

He noted that a significant portion of the audience at WrestleMania events comprises fans from Europe, including the UK and Ireland.

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Potential Stepping Stones to WWE WrestleMania

While WrestleMania remains the ultimate dream for European fans, Sheamus suggests that WWE could start by hosting other major events in the UK.

He cited the success of events like “Clash at the Castle” in September 2022 and “Money in the Bank” in July 2023 as indicators of how well-received a European WrestleMania could be.

“Perhaps starting with SummerSlam could be a good idea,” Sheamus proposed, highlighting that WWE has already tested the waters with other events.

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The Global Vision of WWE

Sheamus’s comments also touched upon WWE’s global outreach. He mentioned the company’s plans to host major pay-per-view events in major cities worldwide.

“The world has become smaller, and WWE is everywhere. We even have a show lined up in India this October,” he said, hinting at the vast potential in international markets.

A Response to AEW’s Success?

With AEW’s “All In” event at Wembley looming large and its success evident from the ticket sales, it remains to be seen how WWE will respond.

Given WWE’s stature as the industry leader, it’s hard to imagine they’d sit back and let AEW host the biggest UK wrestling show without making a move of their own.

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