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Former WWE Superstar talks the future following their RELEASE

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Shelton Benjamin, a renowned name in the wrestling world, recently opened up about his future plans following his release from WWE.

The former WWE United States Champion found himself a free agent in December 2023, after WWE’s round of cuts in September. At 48, Benjamin’s career has reached a pivotal moment, with his next steps being a subject of much speculation among fans and industry insiders.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Benjamin expressed a sense of uncertainty mixed with optimism about his future. “I’m still weighing options,” he stated, acknowledging the interest from various quarters. Despite receiving offers, Benjamin remains non-committal, focusing on choosing a path that aligns with his current career aspirations.

WWE News: A Career Focused on Enjoyment and Recognition

Benjamin’s approach to his post-WWE career is refreshingly straightforward. He emphasises the desire for enjoyment and financial reward, steering clear of any unnecessary pressures. “I want to be where I’m appreciated and featured and can have some fun,” he remarked.

This attitude reflects a seasoned professional who understands his worth and seeks to leverage his experience in a fulfilling manner.

His illustrious career, spanning over two decades, has left him with a legacy that he is keen to build upon in a meaningful way.

Benjamin’s mention of his 24 years in the business highlights not just his longevity but also his resilience, having been fortunate with injuries and maintaining a balance with family life.

WWE News: Future Prospects and Fan Speculation

Benjamin’s name has been associated with various wrestling promotions since his release. Reports suggest that there was a push from talent for him to join AEW even before his WWE exit.

His appearance at Starrcast Downunder in April is currently his only major commitment, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next move.

As Benjamin takes his time to decide, the wrestling community watches with interest. His decision, whatever it may be, will undoubtedly add a new chapter to an already impressive career.


  • What is Shelton Benjamin’s current status?
    • Benjamin is a free agent, exploring his options post-WWE release.
  • What are Benjamin’s priorities for his future in wrestling?
    • He seeks opportunities where he is appreciated, can have fun, and also make a good income.
  • How long has Shelton Benjamin been in professional wrestling?
    • He has been in the industry for 24 years as of January 2024.
  • Has Benjamin committed to any wrestling promotion since his WWE release?
    • As of now, he has not made any major commitments to a specific promotion.
  • What is Benjamin’s approach to his post-WWE career?
    • He is focusing on finding a balance between enjoyment, recognition, and financial reward in his future endeavours.
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