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WWE RAW: MAJOR Superstar hits CM Punk’s SIGNATURE MOVE on the show

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In a jaw-dropping moment on WWE RAW, Shinsuke Nakamura, the King of Strong Style, stunned the WWE Universe by executing CM Punk’s iconic GTS finisher.

This unexpected move has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community, reigniting discussions about the legacy of both superstars.

Shinsuke Nakamura, known for his charismatic presence and unique in-ring style, has always been one to surprise fans. However, no one anticipated that he would pay homage (or perhaps throw shade) at CM Punk by using his signature move.

The GTS, or Go To Sleep, is a knee strike finisher that CM Punk popularised (and stole from KENTA) during his dominant run in WWE. For Nakamura to use it could be an indication of the respect he has for Punk, or perhaps a challenge he’s laying down.

WWE RAW: Fan Reactions and Speculations

Social media erupted with reactions from fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Many praised Nakamura for his audacity and skill, while others speculated on the deeper meaning behind the move.

Was this a sign of an upcoming feud between Nakamura and Punk? Or was it merely a tribute to one of the greats of the squared circle? Only time will tell.

What’s Next for Nakamura?

With this bold move, Nakamura has undoubtedly put the locker room on notice. His actions on RAW suggest that he’s ready to climb the ranks and possibly challenge for the top titles.

Whether he continues to use the GTS or reverts to his Kinshasa finisher, one thing is clear: Nakamura is in top form and ready to make headlines.


  • What move did Shinsuke Nakamura use on WWE RAW?
    • Nakamura executed CM Punk’s signature move, the GTS (Go To Sleep).
  • Has Nakamura used the GTS before?
    • This was a surprising move, and there’s no record of Nakamura using the GTS in WWE prior to this.
  • What does the GTS move entail?
    • The GTS is a knee strike finisher popularised by CM Punk.
  • Is there a feud brewing between Nakamura and CM Punk?
    • It’s unclear at the moment, but Nakamura’s use of the GTS has certainly sparked speculations.
  • What is Nakamura’s usual finisher?
    • Nakamura is known for his Kinshasa finisher, a running knee strike.
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