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SHOCK WWE NXT Title change takes place this week

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In a stunning turn of events, WWE NXT has crowned a new North American Champion. The unexpected title change occurred on January 9, during the main event of WWE NXT, marking a significant moment in the brand’s history.

Oba Femi, a rising star in WWE, made a dramatic entrance into the title scene. After winning the NXT Breakout Tournament, Femi was entitled to a title shot of his choice, akin to the “Money in the Bank” briefcase concept.

He chose to cash in on this opportunity in a surprising move, targeting the North American Championship.

WWE NXT: Dragon Lee’s Short-Lived Reign

Dragon Lee, the defending North American Champion, had already been scheduled to defend his title against Lexis King.

After successfully retaining his title in this match, Lee was immediately challenged by Oba Femi. Despite Lee’s valiant efforts, the back-to-back matches took their toll.

Femi capitalised on this, defeating Lee with a powerful powerbomb, thus claiming the championship.

A New Era in NXT

Oba Femi’s victory signifies a shift in the NXT landscape. His ascent to the top of the North American division showcases WWE’s commitment to elevating new talents and creating dynamic storylines.

This title change also adds a fresh dynamic to the NXT roster, promising exciting feuds and matches in the future.


  • Who is the new WWE NXT North American Champion?
    • Oba Femi is the new champion, having defeated Dragon Lee.
  • How did Oba Femi become the number-one contender?
    • He won the Breakout Tournament, which granted him a title shot of his choice.
  • Who did Oba Femi defeat to win the title?
    • He defeated Dragon Lee, who had just retained his title against Lexis King.
  • What does this title change signify for WWE NXT?
    • It indicates a new era and the promotion’s focus on elevating emerging talents.
  • Will there be a rematch between Oba Femi and Dragon Lee?
    • While not confirmed, rematches are common in WWE, so it’s a possibility.
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