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BIG update on Sonya Deville and upcoming WWE RETURN

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In a significant development for WWE fans, Sonya Deville is making strides towards her much-anticipated return to the ring.

Deville, a prominent figure in WWE, had her career momentarily sidetracked due to an ACL injury sustained in July, which necessitated surgery.

This injury was a first in her otherwise unblemished WWE career, where she also held the title of 1/2 of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Sonya Deville: Road to Recovery

Deville’s journey back to the squared circle is underway at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

This facility, known for its state-of-the-art training and skill enhancement for WWE Superstars, is playing a crucial role in her rehabilitation.

Reports from the likes of PWInsider indicate that Deville has been spotted at the Performance Center this week, actively training and working towards her comeback.

The Challenge of an ACL Injury

An ACL injury, like the one Deville suffered, is not something that can be rushed. The recovery process requires patience and meticulous care to avoid any setbacks.

The timeline for her return to in-ring action remains uncertain, but the progress she’s making is a positive sign for her fans and the WWE community.

Anticipation for Sonya Deville Returning to WWE

Deville’s absence has been felt in the WWE arena, with fans eagerly awaiting her return. Prior to her injury, WWE had significant plans for the tag team of Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville.

However, Deville’s injury led to the dissolution of this partnership, leaving fans to wonder what could have been.


  • What injury did Sonya Deville sustain?
    • Sonya Deville suffered an ACL injury.
  • Where is Sonya Deville currently training for her comeback?
    • She is training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.
  • What was Sonya Deville’s status in WWE before her injury?
    • She was 1/2 of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.
  • Is there a confirmed date for Sonya Deville’s return to WWE?
    • The exact date of her return is not yet confirmed.
  • How has Sonya Deville’s injury affected her WWE career?
    • The injury temporarily halted her career and led to the dissolution of her tag team with Chelsea Green.
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