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Sonya Deville CONFIRMED for role in new movie

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In an exciting turn of events for fans of wrestling and cinema alike, Sonya Deville, the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, is set to showcase her acting chops in the upcoming mystery movie titled “DNA Secrets.”

Deville, who has been on a hiatus from the wrestling ring due to a torn ACL sustained in July, has been spotted on set in Clearwater, Florida, embracing a new challenge in her career.

WWE News: A New Challenge in Clearwater

While Deville’s absence from WWE has been felt by fans, it’s clear she’s been keeping busy, diving into the world of acting with a role that promises to highlight her versatility.

In “DNA Secrets,” she portrays a police officer entangled in a gripping narrative centred around an antique store owner whose life spirals into chaos after gifting DNA kits to her relatives.

The plot thickens as several family members meet untimely deaths, leading to a suspense-filled journey to uncover the truth.

WWE News: From the Ring to the Screen

Transitioning from the high-octane environment of WWE to a movie set, Deville has found similarities and differences in the two worlds, as she revealed during an interview with 10 Tampa Bay.

She notes the familiar hustle and the need for constant readiness but appreciates the opportunity for multiple takes in film, a luxury not afforded in live wrestling broadcasts.

The Plot Unfolds

“DNA Secrets” weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue, where the past collides with the present in unexpected ways. As the story unfolds, the protagonist, played by the antique store owner, delves deeper into her family’s history, only to find herself at the heart of a dangerous conspiracy.

Deville’s character, the police officer, becomes a pivotal figure in the quest for truth, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative.


  • What is the movie “DNA Secrets” about?
    • It’s a mystery film involving an antique store owner who uncovers a family conspiracy after gifting DNA kits to her relatives.
  • What role does Sonya Deville play?
    • Deville portrays a police officer involved in unraveling the mystery.
  • When was Sonya Deville last seen in WWE?
    • Deville last appeared in WWE in July, before taking a break due to a torn ACL.
  • How does Sonya Deville feel about acting compared to wrestling?
    • Deville appreciates the similarities in terms of performance demands but enjoys the opportunity for multiple takes in acting, unlike live wrestling.
  • Where is “DNA Secrets” being filmed?
    • The movie is being filmed in Clearwater, Florida.
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