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WWE Superstar shows off FANTASTIC progress whilst out with injury

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling and WWE, injuries are unfortunately a common occurrence. But what sets apart the greats from the rest is their resilience and determination to bounce back.

One such superstar, Sonya Deville, has recently showcased her remarkable recovery journey, much to the admiration of fans and peers alike.

Sonya Deville’s Rise in WWE

Sonya Deville’s journey in the WWE universe has been nothing short of impressive. Having made her return to WWE television in January 2020 in a non-wrestling capacity, she quickly climbed the ranks to become an active in-ring competitor.

Her dedication and prowess were evident when she clinched the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles in July 2023. However, the wrestling world was left in shock when Deville suffered an ACL tear during the July 28th episode of SmackDown.

The Road to Recovery

The aftermath of the injury saw Deville undergoing successful surgery. Initial glimpses of her post-surgery showed her relying on a walker, a sight that left many fans disheartened.

But, true to her fighting spirit, Sonya didn’t let this setback define her.

Instead, she took to social media, specifically TikTok, to document her recovery journey. One of the most heartening updates was a video of her performing deadlifts, a testament to her incredible progress and determination.

Rehab and Return

While Sonya’s rehab seems to be progressing splendidly, fans might have to temper their expectations regarding her immediate return to the ring.

The road to full recovery is often long and requires immense patience. But if her recent updates are anything to go by, it’s evident that Sonya is leaving no stone unturned in her quest to return to the squared circle.

WWE Fans Rally Behind Deville

The outpouring of support for Sonya has been overwhelming. From comments on her social media updates to discussions on wrestling forums, the consensus is clear: fans are eagerly awaiting her return.

They’ve been vocal about their admiration for her grit, determination, and the positive attitude she’s maintained throughout this challenging period.


  • Who is Sonya Deville?
    • Sonya Deville is a professional wrestler who has been with WWE since 2015. She made a significant impact by winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles in July.
  • When did Sonya Deville suffer her injury?
    • Sonya Deville suffered an ACL tear on the July 28th episode of SmackDown.
  • How is Sonya’s recovery progressing?
    • Sonya has been actively documenting her recovery on social media platforms like TikTok. She has shown significant progress, with videos of her performing exercises like deadlifts.
  • When can fans expect Sonya’s return to the ring?
    • While her rehab is going well, there’s no confirmed date for her return. Fans will have to wait for official updates from WWE or Sonya herself.
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