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Former WWE Superstar reveals that PRESIDENTIAL candidate wanted a private show at the Performance Center

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Former WWE superstar Steph De Lander, who performed under the ring name Persia Pirotta in WWE NXT, shared a unique experience involving a presidential candidate.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida and a presidential hopeful, had an unusual request for the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

DeSantis, a known wrestling enthusiast, wanted a private wrestling show for his family.

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WWE: Wrestling for the DeSantis Family

De Lander, who was released from WWE in 2022, spoke about this peculiar incident during a recent interview with VICE Australia & New Zealand.

She recounted how she and her fellow wrestlers were called in on a Saturday to perform a wrestling show exclusively for DeSantis and his family.

The family sat front row, watching as the wrestlers “beat each other up on a Saturday morning” to entertain them.

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A Potential Presidential Audience

De Lander humorously noted the potential significance of this event, saying, “It is funny. If he becomes president, then I’ve technically wrestled in front of the president.”

This statement underscores the unusual intersection of politics and entertainment that this incident represents.

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The Current State of DeSantis’ Campaign

Despite his unique engagement with the world of wrestling, DeSantis’ presidential campaign is currently struggling.

Reports suggest that more than a third of his campaign staff has been let go recently. Whether his love for wrestling will play any role in his campaign or public image remains to be seen.

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