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Former WWE Superstar reveals what she gets in her DMs from fans

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WWE enthusiasts are known for their fervour and dedication to the sport. However, there are instances when this passion can cross boundaries.

Summer Rae, a former WWE superstar, recently shed light on this topic, discussing the peculiar messages she has received from fans over the years.

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Summer Rae’s Journey in WWE

Summer Rae’s association with WWE came to an end in October 2017. Despite facing injuries that marked the end of her wrestling career, she transitioned to new horizons.

Yet, her departure did not diminish her popularity among fans. They continued to remember her and reach out, showcasing their affection in myriad ways.

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The Peculiar World of DMs

In a candid conversation with Chris Van Vliet, Summer Rae delved deep into the nature of the direct messages she receives. Fans, eager to communicate, often send her a plethora of messages.

Interestingly, she noted a trend among male fans who seem to struggle with taking selfies, often resulting in unflattering double-chinned photos: It’s a lot of selfies (that I get). Like, men don’t know how to take selfies for some reason, it’s like double-chinned selfies.”

She humorously remarked that she often receives such selfies not just from fans, but also from their boyfriends who seem equally challenged in the selfie department: “I share selfies in my DMs with women and it’s not even fans, it’s our boyfriends who don’t know how to take selfies.” However, not all messages are light-hearted. Some fans have been consistently messaging her daily for an extended period, of almost six years.

While these messages might not always be threatening or explicit, the sheer persistence raises concerns. Summer Rae jokingly mentioned that she keeps such messages handy, just in case the FBI might need them someday.

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Varied Fan Requests and Compliments

While many might assume that a celebrity’s DMs are filled with date requests or explicit content, Summer Rae’s experience is somewhat different.

Most of her messages revolve around wrestling, with fans urging her to return to the ring or expressing their admiration from various parts of the world, including India.

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