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WWE Tag Team Titles rumoured to be SPLIT soon

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In the ever-evolving landscape of WWE, a new development has emerged that could potentially reshape the tag team division as we know it.

A new rumour from ProWrestlingScoops on X has revealed apparent discussions backstage about a significant change to the WWE Tag Team Titles.

The buzz suggests a plan is in the works to split the tag team titles, with separate matches for the RAW and SmackDown tag titles slated for the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania, following the events of the Elimination Chamber:

“A backstage hot topic currently revolves around when to split the tag titles. The plan, although not 100% finalized, is to have multiple tag teams compete for the Raw and SmackDown tag titles on separate nights of WrestleMania, following the Elimination Chamber.”

WWE News: The Plan Unfolds

The idea, while not yet set in stone, aims to inject fresh excitement into the tag team division. By dividing the titles between Raw and SmackDown, WWE hopes to spotlight the depth and talent within its roster.

This move could allow for more focused storytelling and rivalries, giving tag teams on both brands a chance to shine in their respective domains.

WrestleMania: A New Battleground

WrestleMania, WWE’s flagship event, could see this plan come to fruition with multiple tag teams vying for glory on separate nights.

This format not only elevates the prestige of the tag team titles but also ensures that the tag team division receives ample attention on the biggest wrestling stage of the year.

WWE News: Potential Impact on the Division

Splitting the tag team titles could have several implications for the division. Firstly, it could lead to an increase in tag team formations, as wrestlers vie for a chance at the titles.

Secondly, it might enhance brand identity, with Raw and SmackDown each boasting their own champions. Lastly, this change could pave the way for new rivalries and alliances, adding layers to the narrative complexity of WWE programming.


  • What is the current plan for the WWE Tag Team Titles?
    • The current plan, though not finalised, involves splitting the tag team titles between Raw and SmackDown, with competitions for each set to take place at WrestleMania following the Elimination Chamber.
  • Why is WWE considering splitting the tag team titles?
    • WWE aims to spotlight the tag team division by allowing for more focused storytelling and rivalries on each brand, enhancing the overall entertainment value.
  • When might this change take place?
    • If the plan goes ahead, the change could be implemented at WrestleMania, immediately following the Elimination Chamber event.
  • How could this affect WWE programming?
    • Splitting the titles could lead to an increase in tag team formations, new rivalries, and a stronger brand identity for Raw and SmackDown.
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