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Ted DiBiase Jr Talks Cody Rhodes ‘Fabricating’ Stories

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Former WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase Jr recently spoke to WrestleZone. The former member of Legacy discussed a number of topics during the interview, including a story that Cody Rhodes mentioned back at a Starrcast event.

‘Look, I’m just going to say this’”that dude will say something and beat a dead horse with it,’ DiBiase began, talking of Rhodes. ‘I may have said ’˜he tried to f’” me’ but I don’t know where he got the ’˜he tried to f’” on me’.”

“Sorry, I’m trying not to curse in front of the kids” Ted DiBiase Jr added. “But look’”that dude knows how to blow something up.”

‘I think it’s hilarious and it’s probably a shot at me, but he’d do that all of the time” DiBiase Jr added. “He’d make something up that somebody said and scream it non-stop in the locker room, and then everybody would adopt it.”

Ted DiBiase Jr on Cody Rhodes

“So, I was pissed because I did kick out” DiBiase added, talking about the story. “You can go back and watch it, but we had a meeting that day where [they told us] ’˜The referees are going to count you out if you don’t kick out!’”

‘I did kick out, and I don’t remember his [referee] name, but anyway, I was hot [about it]” DiBiase noted. “I was pissed, I said a lot of cuss words when I came through there, but Cody can tell a story. He can fabricate one too [laughs].’

Check out Cody recanting the story below:

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