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Veteran WWE Superstar could be set for a MAJOR face turn soon

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation, and it’s centred on one of WWE’s most polarising figures: The Miz. Known for his A-Lister status and his knack for drawing the ire of fans, The Miz might be on the cusp of a significant character transformation in WWE.

For years, The Miz has been a master at generating heat, both inside and outside the squared circle. His braggadocious nature and his list of accolades have made him a target for boos, but all that might be about to change.

The #DIY Connection

Recent rumblings and a report from Boozer Wrestling on Twitter/X suggest that The Miz could be aligning himself with Team #DIY. This team, which recently reunited, has been a fan favourite, and the addition of The Miz could be a game-changer: “Few ideas discussed over a potential Miz face turn working with DIY. Not confirmed yet though.“

Tommaso Ciampa, a core member of Team #DIY, has had past interactions with The Miz, hinting at a storyline that’s yet to be fully explored. The dynamics of adding The Miz to this already-established team could lead to some compelling narratives and matches.

A Fresh Start for The Miz in WWE?

Turning babyface, or becoming a ‘good guy’ in wrestling parlance, would be a significant shift for The Miz. Remember, this is the same superstar who made his name on MTV before transitioning to the world of professional wrestling.

A face turn would not only refresh his character but also provide new storytelling opportunities. Imagine the rivalries, the alliances, and the dramatic moments that could unfold with a babyface Miz.

WWE Fans Await with Bated Breath

While the potential face turn is still in the realm of speculation, fans are already debating the pros and cons. Some believe that The Miz has always had the charisma and in-ring ability to be a top babyface, while others are sceptical about such a drastic change.

Regardless of where one stands, it’s undeniable that this development has added a layer of intrigue to WWE programming.


  • Who is The Miz?
    • The Miz is a veteran WWE superstar known for his A-Lister persona and his ability to draw heat from fans.
  • What is a face turn?
    • In professional wrestling, a face turn refers to a heel (villain) transitioning to become a babyface (hero).
  • Who is Team #DIY?
    • Team #DIY is a popular tag team in WWE, recently reunited, with Tommaso Ciampa as one of its core members.
  • Has The Miz ever been a babyface before?
    • While The Miz has predominantly been a heel throughout his WWE career, like all wrestlers, he has had moments where he’s played the role of a babyface.
  • When can fans expect to see this change?
    • As of now, the face turn is still speculative. Fans will have to tune into WWE programming to see how the storyline unfolds.
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