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WWE NXT Superstar deletes X/Twitter account following death threats

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In a recent turn of events that has shocked the wrestling community, WWE NXT General Manager Ava, also known as Simone Johnson and daughter of wrestling icon The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), has taken the drastic step of deleting her X account (formerly Twitter).

This decision came in the wake of a series of death threats directed at her, following a controversial storyline involving her father’s return to WWE.

WWE News: The Controversy Surrounding The Rock’s Return

The backlash began after the February 2 edition of WWE Smackdown, where The Rock made a surprise appearance to confront Roman Reigns.

This appearance set the stage for The Rock to seemingly replace Cody Rhodes in a potential WrestleMania showdown with Reigns, a move that has since ignited a firestorm of criticism from fans, particularly those supportive of Rhodes.

WWE News: Ava’s Response to the Backlash

Ava, amidst the growing turmoil, found herself at the receiving end of intense online hostility, presumably from fans upset over the storyline developments.

Despite her role as NXT General Manager and her lack of involvement in the Smackdown storyline, Ava faced unwarranted threats that led her to step back from social media.

Her last message before deactivating her account was a plea for understanding, highlighting her non-involvement in the situation that had caused such uproar among the WWE fanbase.

WWE’s Stance and Fan Reaction

Despite the negative backlash, reports from PWInsider indicate that The Rock is confirmed to be participating in WrestleMania 40, with no plans to alter this decision.

WWE has noted the fan response and claims readiness to adapt its creative direction as needed. Meanwhile, Ava’s recent appearance on NXT was met with support from the live audience, demonstrating a divide between online hostility and in-person fan reactions.


  • Who is Ava?
    • Ava is the WWE NXT General Manager, formerly known as Ava Raine in The Schism, and the real-life daughter of The Rock.
  • Why did Ava delete her X/Twitter account?
    • Ava deleted her account following death threats related to her father, The Rock’s, return to WWE and the subsequent storyline developments.
  • What was the reason for the fan backlash?
    • The backlash stemmed from The Rock replacing Cody Rhodes in a potential WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns, which upset many fans.
  • Is The Rock confirmed for WrestleMania 40?
    • Yes, according to PWInsider, The Rock is confirmed to work a match at WrestleMania 40 against Roman Reigns.
  • How has WWE responded to the backlash?
    • WWE is reportedly monitoring fan responses and has expressed willingness to adjust its creative direction based on feedback.
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