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WWE Superstar wants to face The Rock in India

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In a recent turn of events that has the WWE Universe buzzing, Jinder Mahal, the acclaimed ‘Modern Day Maharaja’, has expressed a strong desire to face wrestling icon The Rock in a landmark match in India.

This declaration follows a dramatic encounter between the two superstars on WWE RAW Day 1, where The Rock made a stunning return to the ring.

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The Rock: His Electrifying Return

The Rock’s comeback on the Day 1 edition of Monday Night RAW was nothing short of spectacular. Known for his charismatic presence and in-ring prowess, The Rock made his presence felt by interrupting Jinder Mahal’s moment, leading to a physical altercation that saw Mahal on the receiving end of a spinebuster.

This incident has since ignited talks of a potential showdown between the two.

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Jinder Mahal’s Challenge

In an interview with Sony Sports Network, Jinder Mahal reflected on his experience in the ring with The Rock. Despite the setback, Mahal displayed confidence in his performance and issued a bold challenge to The Rock for a match in India.

Mahal’s determination to face The People’s Champion in his home country signifies not just a personal ambition but also a significant moment for WWE’s expansion into the Indian market.

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The Rock vs Jinder Mahal? The Anticipation Builds

As fans and pundits alike speculate on the possibility of this ‘dream’ match, the anticipation continues to build.

WWE has not yet announced any plans for The Rock’s appearances, leaving the wrestling community in suspense about whether this challenge will materialise into a historic event.


  • Who challenged The Rock to a match in India?
    • Jinder Mahal issued the challenge following their encounter on WWE RAW Day 1.
  • What happened between Jinder Mahal and The Rock on WWE RAW Day 1?
    • Dwayne Johnson made a surprise return and confronted Mahal, leading to a physical altercation where Mahal received a spinebuster.
  • Has WWE confirmed the match between Jinder Mahal and The Rock in India?
    • As of now, WWE has not confirmed this match, and it remains a topic of speculation.
  • Why is this match significant for WWE in India?
    • A match between Jinder Mahal and The Rock in India would be a major event, potentially boosting WWE’s popularity and market presence in the country.
  • What is Jinder Mahal’s status in WWE?
    • Jinder Mahal is a prominent WWE superstar, known as the ‘Modern Day Maharaja’, and has held the WWE Championship in the past.
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