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The Rock makes SENSATIONAL claim about Roman Reigns WrestleMania match

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In a recent revelation that has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community, Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson has hinted at a potential face-off with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40.

The news comes after a candid conversation between The Rock and media personality and WWE commentator Pat McAfee, where the former WWE champion discussed the possibility of this dream match.

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A Missed Opportunity at WrestleMania 39

It’s no secret that fans have been clamouring for a match between The Rock and Roman Reigns for some time.

The anticipation reached its peak when it was revealed that the two were initially set to wrestle at WrestleMania 39. However, for reasons unknown at the time, the match didn’t materialise.

During his chat with McAfee, The Rock shed light on the situation. He mentioned that while they were close to finalising the match, they couldn’t pinpoint the exact storyline or angle that would do justice to such a monumental clash.

Instead of rushing into it, both parties decided to “put the pencil down” and wait for the right moment.

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WrestleMania 40: A New Hope for The Rock vs Roman Reigns

While the disappointment of the missed WrestleMania 39 match still lingers, there’s renewed hope for fans. The Rock openly expressed his interest in facing Roman Reigns at the upcoming WrestleMania 40.

He stated, “We got really close, but we couldn’t figure out what that thing was, so we decided to put our pencils down, and we agreed, ‘hey listen, there’s a merger coming up, there’s WrestleMania coming up in Philly, that’ll happen.’ I’m saying that is potential too, I’m open.”

The mere mention of this potential match-up was enough to send the live audience in Colorado into a frenzy. The excitement wasn’t limited to the fans; Pat McAfee himself seemed intrigued by the idea.

While The Rock didn’t make any official announcements, the possibility of such a match doesn’t seem far-fetched.

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The Quest for the Perfect Storyline

One of the primary reasons for the delay seems to be the desire to craft the perfect storyline. Both The Rock and WWE want the match between him and Roman Reigns to be not just another bout, but an unforgettable spectacle with a compelling narrative.

Given the stature of both wrestlers, it’s only fitting that their clash is backed by a storyline that’s as grand as the match itself.

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A Return to the Ring?

The Rock’s potential return to WWE and the ring has been a topic of much speculation. His star power is undeniable, and his presence would undoubtedly boost the profile of any event he’s a part of.

The question remains: Does WWE need him back? While the company has a roster full of talented individuals, a match of this magnitude could be just what’s needed to elevate WrestleMania 40 to legendary status.

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