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The Rock talks EARTH SHATTERING potential Roman Reigns match

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In what could be a historic moment for WWE, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has hinted at a potential WrestleMania 40 showdown with Roman Reigns, the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

This eagerly anticipated match, which has been a topic of discussion for years, could set a new benchmark for the wrestling world.

WWE News: A Dream Match in the Making

The Rock, who recently joined the Board of Directors of TKO, discussed the potential clash during an appearance on the show Hot Take.

Known for his strategic approach, The Rock emphasised the significance of this potential match. He stated, “Iโ€™m a long-gamer and I like to build. Something like this, what this is potentially huge. If myself and Roman Reigns were to main event WrestleMania, we could possibly put on the greatest and the biggest WrestleMania of all time.”

WWE News: The Rock’s Vision for WrestleMania

The Rock’s vision for this match extends beyond personal achievement. He expressed a deep respect for the history of WrestleMania and a desire to contribute to its legacy.

His approach is not just about one match but about elevating the entire event, showcasing the talent and passion of the wrestling community.

Roman Reigns’ Stance

While The Rock sets his sights on this monumental event, Roman Reigns, his cousin, hasn’t shown much concern publicly. Reigns, a dominant figure in WWE, is known for his confidence and prowess in the ring. This potential match-up presents a fascinating dynamic, given their family ties and Reigns’ current standing as the Head of the Table in WWE.


  • What is the potential match being discussed for WrestleMania 40?
    • A match between The Rock and Roman Reigns.
  • Why is this match significant?
    • It could be one of the biggest and most historic matches in WrestleMania history.
  • What has The Rock said about this potential match?
    • He believes it could be the greatest and biggest WrestleMania of all time.
  • What is Roman Reigns’ reaction to this potential match?
    • He hasn’t shown much public concern but is known for his confidence in the ring.
  • When is WrestleMania 40 scheduled?
    • Specific dates for WrestleMania 40 have not been mentioned in the article.
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