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The Rock reveals who came up with the word ‘SmackDown’

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The Rock recently revealed to fans and followers who actually came up with the word SmackDown and the concept behind it.

SmackDown would become synonymous with The Great One, with Dwayne Johnson saying that he would layeth the smackdown on all those who opposed him back in the Attitude Era.

WWE recently tweeted an image of the original SmackDown on UPN logo, asking fans to state who they thought of when they saw the iconic logo.

The Rock – WWF SmackDown

Rocky would respond to the tweet, which had seen many mention the former WWE Champion, and he revealed who actually came up with the term.

“Easy answer. C’mon @WWE. The superstar who this show was named after. The superstar responsible for ‘Smackdown’ officially becoming a word in the @MerriamWebster dictionary. And that superstar is’¦Harvey Whippleman aka Downtown Bruno!”

Still, it’s unlikely that people will start thinking of Whippleman when it comes to the word, with The Rock being such a megastar!

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