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The Rock US President: WWE Hall of Famer claims he is SCREWED if he runs for office

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Kurt Angle, a fellow WWE Hall of Famer and former World Champion, recently weighed in on the idea that The Rock could genuinely run for US President at some point in his career.

During an edition of his Kurt Angle Show podcast, Angle discussed the challenges The Rock would face if he decided to run for political office. His perspective offers a unique insight into the intersection of celebrity, politics, and public perception.

Angle pointed out a significant dilemma for The Rock: choosing a political party. He stated, “I feel bad for him. Even if he did run for office, what side is he going to do? He’s screwed either way… Run independently and come up with your own concepts.”

This comment highlights the polarising nature of modern politics and the difficulty of maintaining broad public appeal while aligning with a specific political ideology.

The Rock: Political Leanings

The Rock’s political affiliations have been a topic of interest, especially considering his endorsement of Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential campaign.

This endorsement marked a rare political statement from a figure known more for his entertainment career than his political opinions.

However, the endorsement also demonstrated The Rock’s willingness to engage with political issues, a move that could have implications for his relationship with fans of different political leanings.

Wrestling with Politics

The transition from the wrestling ring to the political ring is not unprecedented. Wrestlers like Jesse Ventura and Kane (Glenn Jacobs) have successfully made the leap into politics.

However, The Rock’s case is unique due to his global fame and the current divisive political climate. Angle’s comments suggest that The Rock’s political journey, should he choose to embark on it, would be fraught with challenges.

The Rock: His Cultural Impact

Dwayne Johnson’s influence extends far beyond the wrestling world. He has become a global entertainment figure, known for his roles in blockbuster movies and his charismatic public persona.

This widespread popularity brings an added layer of complexity to any potential political career. His decisions and statements would be scrutinised not just by voters, but by fans worldwide.

continue his career in entertainment, his actions will undoubtedly have a significant impact.


  • Has The Rock announced any plans to run for political office? As of now, The Rock has not made any official announcements regarding a run for political office.
  • What political party does The Rock support? The Rock publicly endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential campaign, indicating support for the Democratic Party.
  • Have other wrestlers successfully transitioned into politics? Yes, wrestlers like Jesse Ventura and Kane (Glenn Jacobs) have successfully transitioned into political careers.
  • What challenges would The Rock face in a political career? The Rock would face challenges in choosing a political party, maintaining his broad public appeal, and navigating the scrutiny of both political analysts and his global fan base.
  • What impact would The Rock’s candidacy have on the relationship between celebrity and politics? His candidacy could redefine the relationship between celebrity status and political power, testing how fame impacts political credibility and effectiveness
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