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The Rock reportedly ‘accepts’ major request from Vin Diesel regarding his new Fast Franchise film

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Dwayne Johnson, also known of course as The Rock, is making a triumphant return to the Fast & Furious franchise.

This time, he’s not just coming back to star alongside Vin Diesel, but he’s also announcing another spin-off, reminiscent of his 2019 venture with Hobbs & Shaw.

However, there’s a twist. Johnson has agreed to a condition set by Diesel that he previously rejected during the creation of Hobbs & Shaw.

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The Condition for the Fast & Furious Spin-off

In 2017, a rift formed within the Fast Family when Johnson and Diesel decided to part ways. This division led to actors choosing sides, with Jason Statham aligning with Johnson for the 2019 spin-off movie, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. This move further divided the actors.

However, recent reports suggest that the feud between Johnson and Diesel has been resolved. Following this news, Johnson quickly announced a new spin-off in the Fast & Furious franchise, featuring him and Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes.

This time, Johnson agreed to Diesel’s condition that the spin-off should be connected to the main universe.

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A Bridge between Fast X and Fast 11

Unlike the 2019 movie, where Idris Elba’s antagonistic character had no connection to the franchise, this new spin-off promises to be different.

Johnson has assured Diesel that the spin-off will serve as a bridge between the recently released Fast X and the upcoming Fast 11, thereby maintaining continuity within the franchise.

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The Rock: A Man of Many Projects

Johnson’s commitment to the Fast & Furious franchise is just one aspect of his busy schedule. In addition to the spin-off, he is also involved in ten other upcoming projects, including Red Notice 2 and Moana, among others.

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Johnson’s Philanthropic Side

Beyond his acting career, Johnson is also known for his philanthropic efforts. Recently, he promised financial aid to UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo, who revealed that he only had $7 to his name after a recent victory.

Johnson, who once found himself in a similar situation before he found fame, has been planning to meet Gorimbo in person.

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