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Backstage update on The Rock and his current WWE contract status

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a name synonymous with WWE’s most electrifying moments, has recently stirred the wrestling world with his unexpected return.

His appearance on “WWE Raw: Day 1” not only delivered a verbal smackdown to Jinder Mahal but also hinted at a potential showdown with Roman Reigns.

This move has sparked widespread speculation about his current contract status with WWE.

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WWE News: The Rock’s Business Moves

In a strategic business decision, The Rock has joined the board of directors of TKO, WWE’s parent company.

This development has led to the transfer of The Rock’s name rights to Johnson himself, potentially increasing his earnings from WWE merchandise sales.

However, it’s crucial to note that this is the only official agreement he has signed with WWE so far.

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WWE News: WrestleMania Ambitions

Despite the buzz, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that The Rock has not yet signed a contract to wrestle again.

However, there’s a strong indication that he is keen on a match with Reigns, particularly at WrestleMania. This potential match-up is seen as a generational dream clash, given their shared heritage in the Anoa’i wrestling dynasty and Reigns’ impressive 1200-plus day reign as WWE Universal Champion.

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The Saudi Arabia Factor

There’s a “wait-and-see” approach regarding The Rock’s wrestling return, with Saudi Arabia’s recent investment in high-profile boxing events suggesting they might offer a lucrative deal to see The Rock in the ring.

However, sources close to The Rock indicate his firm focus remains on WrestleMania.


  • Has The Rock signed a new wrestling contract with WWE? No, as of now, The Rock has not signed a contract to return to wrestling with WWE.
  • What is The Rock’s current involvement with WWE? He recently joined the board of directors of TKO, WWE’s parent company, and has rights to his name for merchandise sales.
  • Is there a potential match between The Rock and Roman Reigns? While not confirmed, there is strong interest from The Rock in a WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns.
  • What is the significance of a match between The Rock and Roman Reigns? It would be a generational dream match, highlighting the legacy of the Anoa’i wrestling dynasty to which both belong.
  • Has Saudi Arabia shown interest in hosting a match featuring The Rock? There’s speculation about Saudi Arabia’s interest, but The Rock seems focused on WrestleMania for any potential return to the ring.
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