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The Undertaker Admits He Was Wrong with Recent WWE Roster Comments

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The Undertaker has admitted to a change of heart regarding his previous comments about the current WWE roster. His acknowledgement that his earlier views might have been misplaced marks a significant moment in the ongoing dialogue about the evolution of professional wrestling.

In 2021, The Undertaker stirred controversy with his remarks about the current generation of WWE Superstars. He suggested that compared to his era, today’s wrestlers lacked the grit and toughness that defined the wrestlers of the past.

This assertion sparked a heated debate within the wrestling community, with many questioning the fairness and accuracy of his comparison.

The Undertaker: A Shift in Perspective

However, in a recent episode of his podcast Six Feet Under on Patreon, The Undertaker reflected on the changes in professional wrestling, particularly concerning safety protocols.

He acknowledged that his initial assessment of the business going ‘soft’ was incorrect. Instead, he now views these changes as a shift towards a smarter, more conscientious approach to the sport.

The Undertaker highlighted the enhanced safety measures now in place, likening them to those found in major sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, and MLB. He noted the presence of trainers and doctors, as well as strict concussion protocols, as significant improvements over the past practices.

Initially resistant to these changes, he confessed that he saw them as a sign of the sport becoming ‘soft’. However, he has come to appreciate these developments, recognising them as signs of the sport evolving intelligently: “It was hard for me to accept that. ‘Man, our business is getting soft,’ but it wasn’t getting soft, it was getting smarter. I’m glad that I was part of the generation that led into that because, today, you see the referee and they throw the X up, you know something bad has happened.”

The Undertaker’s Legacy and Reflection

The Undertaker’s career, spanning over three decades, is marked by his remarkable contributions and sacrifices for the sport.

His journey from the early days of minimal safety measures to the current era of heightened awareness around athlete health offers a unique perspective on the evolution of professional wrestling.

His recent comments reflect a broader understanding and acceptance of the changes in the industry. He expressed satisfaction in being part of the generation that bridged the old and the new, acknowledging the importance of prioritizing the health and safety of athletes.


  • What did The Undertaker originally say about the current WWE roster?
    • He initially claimed that the current generation of wrestlers lacked the toughness of those from his era, suggesting the business had gone ‘soft’.
  • What has The Undertaker now admitted?
    • He admitted that his initial assessment was wrong and that the industry has not gone soft but has become smarter, particularly regarding safety protocols.
  • How does The Undertaker view the changes in professional wrestling now?
    • He sees the changes, especially in safety measures, as positive and necessary, marking a shift towards a more intelligent approach to the sport.
  • What does this admission signify for The Undertaker?
    • It shows his ability to reflect and adapt his views, acknowledging the importance of athlete health and safety in the evolving landscape of professional wrestling.
  • Is The Undertaker still involved in wrestling?
    • While retired from active competition, he remains an influential figure in the wrestling community and makes occasional appearances.
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