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The Undertaker originally turned down WWE Hall of Fame offer

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The Undertaker recently revealed that he actually turned down a WWE Hall of Fame offer earlier on in his career.

Speaking to Dallas Morning News about his upcoming entry into the prestigious HOF, ‘Taker revealed that he was offered a place following his WrestleMania 30 match against Brock Lesnar.

“This is actually the second time that I was invited to the Hall Of Fame, so I wasn’t as shocked this time” The Undertaker began.

“I turned it down the first time because I knew I had unfinished business. I wasn’t at that place yet where I was ready to let go and say that it was over” ‘Taker added. “So, this time I have made my peace, and I am just honoured and humbled that they would induct me.”

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 30

“It was, I want to say after the Brock WrestleMania, I think it was after that. In my head, I couldn’t end on a match that I didn’t remember” ’˜Taker added.

“I got concussed and I don’t remember even having that match. So, I wanted to at least have a match that I could remember, so I kept working here and there for the next few years, trying to leave on that upbeat note.

“Fortunately, we had the Boneyard match and I said, ’˜alright, that’s it I think I’m good, it’s time to call it a day.’ Now here we are” The Deadman concluded.

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