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The Wrest Is History June 22 – ECW Hardcore Heaven 1996

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Welcome to The Wrest Is History! In this column we look at back a significant event from this day in Pro Wrestling history. June 22 was the date of ECW Hardcore Heaven 1996, a PPV that aired from the old ECW Arena.

There were several big matches on the card, with the main event pitting Rob Van Dam against another ECW original, Sabu.

AEW’s ‘Le Champion’ was also in action on this card back in the mid nineties, as Chris Jericho faced Pitbull #2 for a shot at the ECW World Television Champion.

The ECW World Heavyweight Champion Raven was also in action, as he faced Terry Gordy in a contest with the gold on the line.

Hardcore Heaven ’96 – The Wrest Is History

Here’s the full card for the event which you can watch on Peacock and WWE Network:

  • Shane Douglas vs Mikey Whipwreck
  • J.T Smith and Little Guido vs Big Dick Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley
  • Taz vs Paul Varelans
  • ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match – Raven (c) vs Terry Gordy
  • ECW Tag Team Championships Match – John Kronus and Perry Saturn (c) vs Mustafa Saeed and New Jack
  • Axl Rotten and Hack Meyers vs Mack Daddy Kane and Samu
  • ECW World Television Championship Match – Pitbull #2 (c) vs Chris Jericho
  • Tommy Dreamer vs Brian Lee
  • Sabu vs Rob Van Dam
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