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AEW star believes LA Knight should BEAT Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel

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The wrestling world is buzzing with opinions and predictions, and one AEW star isn’t shying away from sharing hers. Thunder Rosa, a prominent figure in AEW, has publicly voiced her support for LA Knight. She believes that he should triumph over Roman Reigns at the highly anticipated WWE Crown Jewel event.

Thunder Rosa’s endorsement of LA Knight has certainly caught the attention of fans and pundits alike. As a reputable wrestler in AEW, Rosa’s opinions carry significant weight.

Many are speculating about the potential outcomes and what this could mean for the dynamics within the wrestling community.

The Ongoing Saga of Cody Rhodes

While Rosa’s endorsement of LA Knight on Busted Open Radio is making headlines, she has also been vocal about another storyline. According to her, Cody’s ongoing narrative within the wrestling realm is dragging on a bit too long.

Fans have been engrossed in Cody’s tale, but Rosa’s recent comments might prompt some to question if the storyline’s pace needs to pick up.

WWE Crown Jewel: A Pivotal Event for LA Knight

The WWE Crown Jewel is more than just another wrestling event. It’s a showcase of talent, storylines, and rivalries. With big names like Roman Reigns and LA Knight on the card, the stakes are incredibly high.

Thunder Rosa’s bold prediction adds another layer of intrigue to this already electric atmosphere.

The event promises high-octane action, and with the added element of unpredictability brought in by opinions like Rosa’s, the WWE Crown Jewel is shaping up to be an unmissable spectacle.

What This Means for Wrestling Dynamics

  • AEW and WWE: Rosa’s comments highlight the interconnectedness of the wrestling world. Even though she’s an AEW star, her opinions about WWE events and superstars are significant. This blurs the lines between promotions and reinforces the idea that the wrestling community is more unified than one might think.
  • Changing Narratives: Rosa’s critique of the Cody storyline and her backing of LA Knight could influence how stories evolve in the future. Wrestling promotions might take note and be more receptive to feedback, ensuring narratives remain engaging for fans.
  • Fan Engagement: The world of wrestling thrives on fan engagement. Rosa’s comments provide an additional talking point, sparking debates and discussions amongst fans. This engagement is vital for the continued growth and popularity of wrestling as a sport and entertainment form.

FAQ on Thunder Rosa and LA Knight

  • Who is Thunder Rosa?
    • Thunder Rosa is a well-known wrestler in the AEW (All Elite Wrestling) promotion.
  • What has Thunder Rosa said about LA Knight?
    • Thunder Rosa believes that LA Knight should beat Roman Reigns at the WWE Crown Jewel event.
  • What are Rosa’s views on Cody’s storyline?
    • Rosa feels that Cody’s story within the wrestling world is taking too long to unfold.
  • Why are Rosa’s comments significant?
    • As a prominent figure in AEW, Rosa’s opinions carry weight and can influence fan perceptions and discussions.
  • When is the WWE Crown Jewel event?
    • The exact date can vary each year, but it’s one of the WWE’s marquee events, attracting global attention.
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