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AEW star says recent WWE match made her “org*smic”

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In a recent episode of the Busted Open Radio podcast, AEW wrestler Thunder Rosa expressed her admiration for a WWE NXT match, describing it as “orgasmic”.

The match in question featured Lyra Valkyria and Blair Davenport, which aired on WWE NXT: New Year’s Evil.

AEW Star Thunder Rosa’s Take on Wrestling Excellence

Thunder Rosa, known for her candid opinions and passion for wrestling, praised the NXT Women’s Champion Valkyria vs. Davenport match.

She highlighted the intensity and storytelling of the match, stating, “That made me hard. I’m sorry, that was a good match. I’ve said it multiple times, certain things in wrestling make me orgasmic, and one of them is when wrestling is hard, and it’s hard-hitting, and it tells a good story. [When] It’s not very long, but it goes straight to the point.”

Rosa further elaborated on the match’s dynamics, likening it to a story with a beginning, middle, and end, complete with “foreplay” and a “good climax”.

Her comments reflect her appreciation for matches that are not only physically intense but also well-structured in terms of storytelling.

The Impact of the Match on the AEW Star

The match between Valkyria and Davenport has garnered attention not just for its in-ring quality but also for the reactions it has provoked in the wrestling community.

Rosa’s comments underscore the match’s impact and the high standard of performance in WWE NXT.

Upcoming NXT Matches

Following the praised match, WWE NXT continues to generate excitement with upcoming bouts, including Blair Davenport vs. Nikkita Lyons.

These matches are part of WWE NXT’s ongoing efforts to showcase talented wrestlers and provide high-quality entertainment to its audience.


  • Who is Thunder Rosa? Thunder Rosa is a professional wrestler currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • What match did Thunder Rosa praise? She praised the match between Lyra Valkyria and Blair Davenport on WWE NXT: New Year’s Evil.
  • Why did Thunder Rosa describe the match as “orgasmic”? She used this term to express her intense enjoyment of the match’s hard-hitting action and storytelling.
  • What is WWE NXT? WWE NXT is a division of the WWE, focusing on showcasing up-and-coming wrestling talent.
  • Will Thunder Rosa wrestle in WWE NXT? As of now, Thunder Rosa is with AEW and has not announced any plans to wrestle in WWE NXT.
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