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Tiffany Stratton makes big reveal about her NXT Character

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Tiffany Stratton, the WWE NXT Women’s Champion, is an intriguing figure in the world of professional wrestling.

Her character has been highly engaging to fans, and according to Stratton, it is a magnified version of her real personality.

In an interview on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Stratton discussed her character, her journey into wrestling, and more, providing a glimpse into the authentic persona behind the wrestling persona’‹.

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Tiffany Stratton: Falling in Love with Wrestling

Stratton’s interest in wrestling was kindled in a seemingly ordinary moment. As she was flipping through the channels, she stumbled upon a Friday Night Smackdown episode.

The blonde, buff, athletic Charlotte Flair, who could also engage in verbal sparring, caught her attention.

Stratton saw in Flair a reflection of her own capabilities. “That is literally everything that I can do,” she thought, seeing her potential future in wrestling crystallise at that moment’‹.

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The Real Tiffany Stratton Behind the Character

One of the most compelling aspects of Stratton’s character is how much it aligns with her real-life personality.

She revealed that her character is essentially a louder, more expressive version of her inner thoughts. Stratton doesn’t just play a character; she is the character, only amplified. “I like to turn it up a bunch of notches,” she said, describing her process of translating her personal traits into her wrestling persona’‹.

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Embracing Irritability: A Surprising Character Trait

Stratton openly admitted that she is an irritable person, a trait that most people might not consider admirable.

However, she has managed to channel this quality into her wrestling character, turning a potential negative into a positive.

The irritability that can be perceived as an unfavourable trait in real life becomes an integral part of her character’s appeal in the wrestling ring.

Stratton’s willingness to embrace and amplify her real-life personality traits contributes to the authenticity of her character, making her even more captivating to fans’‹.

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