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Tiffany Stratton makes surprising admission about music taste

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Tiffany Stratton, a multifaceted athlete with a background in bodybuilding and gymnastics, recently made waves in the WWE NXT Women’s Championship picture by winning the title.

However, it is not just her physical prowess that’s garnering attention, but also her choice of workout music.

Stratton revealed in an interview on WWE’s Snapchat podcast that her workout playlist is dominated by heavy metal music.

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Tiffany Stratton: Workout Music

When she hits the gym, the powerful sounds of Disturbed, Shinedown, and Three Days Grace are her go-to tunes.

“I listen to heavy metal when I work out. I listen to screamo music, like Disturbed. I listen to Shinedown. I listen to, what’s another one, Three Days Grace. I’m into all that screamo music when I work out. When I workout I want to work out hard and that music gets there,” said Stratton’‹.

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Sydney Sweeney: The Actress Stratton Admires

When asked about her favourite actress, Stratton didn’t hesitate to mention Sydney Sweeney, known for her role in “Euphoria.” Stratton confessed to having a strong connection with Sweeney’s performance and being enamoured with the character she played.

“I would have to say, Sydney Sweeney. I fell in love with her on ‘Euphoria.’ I just really, really connected with her performance, and I really loved the character that she played,” Stratton commented’‹.

Shawn Johnson: The Inspiration Behind Stratton’s Gymnastics Journey

Stratton also spoke fondly of her admiration for Shawn Johnson, the renowned gymnast who served as a significant influence on her career. She credited Johnson’s strength and dominance in the sport as a major factor that led her to pursue gymnastics.

“For me as a gymnast, her name was Shawn Johnson. I got into gymnastics because she was pretty and I’m pretty. But back then, Shawn Johnson was more of the dominant, the strong sort of gymnast, and back then gymnastics was very pretty. It was very flowy. When Shawn Johnson came in, it turned everybody’s heads because, like I said, she was very dominant. She was strong. She did all these really cool, powerful skills. Then when the United States went to the Olympics, she actually helped the team be super dominant compared to all the other countries. I think that was the moment where I fell in love with her,” shared Stratton’‹.

Tiffany Stratton’s passion for heavy metal music, her admiration for Sydney Sweeney’s acting, and her respect for Shawn Johnson’s gymnastics prowess offer a fascinating glimpse into the mind of this rising WWE NXT Women’s Champion.

As she continues to make her mark in the wrestling world, fans will undoubtedly be eager to learn more about the influences that have shaped her journey.

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