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CONTROVERSIAL WWE Superstar RELEASED by the company

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In a surprising turn of events, WWE has announced the release of one of its most talked-about superstars, Top Dolla.

This decision has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community, as fans and insiders alike grapple with the implications of this unexpected move.

Top Dolla, whose real name is A.J. Francis, has been a prominent figure in the WWE universe. His release follows a series of other notable departures from the company, including Mustafa Ali, Emma, Aliyah, Rick Boogs, Elias, and Riddick Moss.

Such a series of releases raises questions about the direction WWE is taking and the criteria they’re using to make these decisions.

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A Brief Stint with Hit Row in WWE

Top Dolla’s association with the group Hit Row is worth noting. The group, which had been released in November 2021, made a comeback in August 2022, albeit without AEW’s Swerve Strickland.

This return was short-lived, and with Top Dolla’s release, fans are left wondering about the future of Hit Row and its remaining members.

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More Than Just a Wrestler

Beyond his wrestling persona, Top Dolla showcased his versatility in the entertainment world. Before stepping into the wrestling ring, he had a career in football.

Moreover, he took on the role of a host for the first season of WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures, further cementing his place as a multifaceted talent within the WWE ecosystem.

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The Wrestling Community Reacts

The news of Top Dolla’s release has been met with a mix of shock, disappointment, and speculation. Many are trying to piece together the reasons behind WWE’s decision, especially given Top Dolla’s potential and the momentum he had been building.

Social media platforms are abuzz with fans expressing their opinions, sharing memories of Top Dolla’s most iconic moments, and speculating on his next moves.

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What’s Next for Top Dolla?

While the immediate future might seem uncertain for Top Dolla, his talent and charisma are undeniable. Whether he chooses to continue his journey in the wrestling world or explore other avenues in the entertainment industry, his fans will undoubtedly be watching closely.

His release from WWE might just be the beginning of a new chapter in his illustrious career.

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