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RELEASED WWE Superstar claims that faction is DEAD now he is gone

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The wrestling world was taken aback when Top Dolla, a prominent WWE Superstar, declared that the faction ‘Hit Row’ is essentially defunct following his departure from the company.

This statement has stirred up quite a buzz among fans and industry insiders alike.

Top Dolla’s journey in WWE has been a rollercoaster ride. He quickly grasped the workings of WWE but, unfortunately, couldn’t achieve the stardom he had envisioned.

His release from WWE earlier this week was unexpected for many. This departure led him to make the bold statement about the fate of ‘Hit Row’, a faction he was closely associated with.

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The Rise and Fall of WWE Faction Hit Row

‘Hit Row’ made its mark in WWE with Top Dolla being one of its standout members. The faction saw a resurgence when Triple H took over WWE’s creative direction. They made a comeback to the company in August 2022. However, Swerve Strickland, another member of the group, had already moved to AEW by then.

Despite the challenges, ‘Hit Row’ continued to make waves. But with Top Dolla’s recent release, questions arose about the future of the faction.

Addressing these concerns, Top Dolla took to Twitter to share his thoughts. He expressed that with his exit, ‘Hit Row’ is essentially no more. However, he also highlighted that other members, B-Fab and Adonis, would now have their moment in the spotlight:

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Top Dolla’s Impact on Hit Row

There’s no denying that Top Dolla played a pivotal role in ‘Hit Row’. He was the brains behind some of the faction’s most iconic songs and catchphrases.

In his tweet, he mentioned, “I made the song, I made the catchphrases… whatever Bri & Tehuti do next they gonna shine, they’re stars.”

This statement underscores his significant contribution to the group and also his belief in the potential of the remaining members.

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What Lies Ahead for Top Dolla?

With his WWE chapter closed, many are curious about Top Dolla’s next move. He has already announced his booking availability post his WWE stint.

Meanwhile, B-Fab and Ashante Thee Adonis, the other members of ‘Hit Row’, were seen in action during Smackdown’s dark matches.

The wrestling community is keenly watching to see what the future holds for Top Dolla and the remnants of ‘Hit Row’.

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Fans React to Top Dolla’s Statement

The wrestling community has been abuzz with discussions and debates following Top Dolla’s statement.

While some agree with his viewpoint that ‘Hit Row’ won’t be the same without him, others believe that the faction can still thrive.

The coming months will be crucial in determining the fate of ‘Hit Row’ and the paths that its members choose to tread.

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