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WWE botch SAVED THE LIFE of Superstar after discovering he had DIABETES

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In a remarkable twist of fate, a botched wrestling move during a WWE SmackDown event has become a life-saving moment for AJ ‘Top Dolla‘ Francis.

The incident, which occurred on December 16th, 2022, led to the discovery of his Type II Diabetes, a condition that had gone unnoticed until that pivotal moment.

During the SmackDown episode, Top Dolla attempted a high-risk dive outside the ring, a move he had executed successfully in the past. However, this time, it didn’t go as planned. He failed to achieve the necessary elevation and ended up making an awkward landing outside the ring.

This botch quickly became a talking point among fans and was even used as a storyline element in WWE, with other Superstars mocking Dolla for the mistake.

Top Dolla WWE Botch: A Visit to the Doctor Reveals the Truth

Reflecting on the incident a year later, Top Dolla recalled how he had felt something was “off” with his legs during previous dives but hadn’t given it much thought.

The botch on SmackDown, however, prompted him to seek medical advice. It was during this consultation that he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.

This diagnosis was a wake-up call for the wrestler, highlighting the importance of health and well-being, especially in a physically demanding profession like wrestling.

The Aftermath and WWE’s Role

Following the diagnosis, Top Dolla faced a challenging period. WWE commentator Michael Cole would routinely bring up the botch during broadcasts, poking fun at Top Dolla.

However, Top Dolla later revealed that Cole’s comments were never malicious and were part of an agreed storyline. The plan was to have a match at a Pay-Per-View event (PLE) where Cole would defeat Top Dolla after a distraction.


  • What happened to Top Dolla during WWE SmackDown?
    • Top Dolla botched a dive outside the ring, which led to the discovery of his Type II Diabetes.
  • How did WWE use the botch in their storyline?
    • WWE incorporated the botch into their storyline, with other Superstars mocking Top Dolla and commentator Michael Cole making fun of him during broadcasts.
  • What was the planned storyline following the botch?
    • The storyline involved a Pay-Per-View match where Michael Cole would defeat Top Dolla after a distraction.
  • What impact did the diagnosis have on Top Dolla?
    • The diagnosis was a wake-up call for Top Dolla, leading to lifestyle changes and a new perspective on his health and career.
  • Why is this incident significant in wrestling?
    • It highlights the importance of health awareness in wrestling, a profession that demands a lot physically from its performers.
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