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TOP WWE Superstar ‘ALL FOR’ CM Punk returning to the company

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest updates surrounding CM Punk and his potential return to WWE in the very near future.

The former AEW star, who was recently let go, has become a significant topic of discussion, especially backstage at WWE.

While many top WWE talents have expressed reservations about Punk’s potential return, the decision ultimately lies in the hands of the management.

Some reports suggest that certain top talents are firmly against the idea of Punk making a comeback. However, there’s a notable exception: a particular “top tier star” is wholeheartedly in favour of Punk’s return, viewing it as a lucrative opportunity for the company, according to a new report from PWInsider Elite.

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CM Punk: Management’s Perspective

The management’s interest in Punk remains somewhat ambiguous, according to most outlets. Their current focus seems to be on the impending Endeavor deal, which is expected to conclude soon.

Having said that, we were recently told that Punk was someone that Vince McMahon would be on board to bring back, and Triple H would be interested as long as there was a long-term plan in place.

This deal could play a pivotal role in determining any big money signings, including Punk’s potential return. It’s worth noting that during Punk’s tenure in the UFC, he shared a positive relationship with Endeavor. This relationship could influence the decision-making process.

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Legal Implications and Other Considerations

Before fans get too excited, there’s still no confirmation regarding any non-compete clause that Punk might need to adhere to. Such a clause could legally prevent him from making an immediate WWE appearance.

Additionally, other wrestling promotions, like IMPACT, have shown keen interest in Punk. Whether he considers joining them remains a topic of speculation.

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The Broader Picture

The wrestling community remains divided on the issue. While some see Punk’s return as a golden opportunity for WWE, others are more sceptical.

The management’s decision will undoubtedly have significant implications for the company’s future direction and its relationship with its top talents.

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