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Torrie Wilson: Former WWE Superstar makes a MASSIVE claim regarding a return to the ring

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In a recent revelation that has taken the wrestling community by storm, Torrie Wilson, the iconic WWE Hall of Famer, has firmly stated her stance on a potential return to the squared circle.

Torrie Wilson, during her appearance on the Busted Open Radio podcast, candidly expressed her feelings about making a comeback to the wrestling ring.

Contrary to what many might have hoped for, Wilson asserted that she has “zero desire” to step back into the ring. This comes as a surprise to many, given her illustrious career and the legacy she has left behind.

Torrie Wilson: Comparisons with Trish Stratus

Drawing a parallel with another WWE legend, Trish Stratus, Wilson mentioned how she watched Trish’s return and even reached out to her.

She recalled texting Trish, admiring her resilience and dedication, saying, “I don’t know how you’re doing this. Good for you.” However, for Wilson, the idea of returning isn’t as appealing.

She elaborated on the challenges she foresees, stating that a return wouldn’t be straightforward. She wouldn’t want to come back unless she could prove herself as an athlete, which would entail taking more bumps, rigorous practice, and potentially training at the Performance Center.

Given these considerations, she expressed reservations about subjecting her body to such demands.

A Look Back at Her Last Match

For those who might not recall, Torrie Wilson’s last singles match in WWE was on the November 20, 2007 episode of SmackDown.

Since then, she has been away from in-ring action, focusing on other pursuits and enjoying her life outside the wrestling world.

The Legacy of Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson’s decision might be disheartening for her fans, but it’s essential to respect her choices and understand the physical and mental toll professional wrestling can take on an individual.

Wilson has given countless memorable moments to the WWE universe, and her legacy is firmly cemented in the annals of wrestling history.

Whether she decides to return or stay away from the ring, her contributions to the sport and entertainment will always be cherished.


  • Has Torrie Wilson officially retired from wrestling?
    • While Torrie hasn’t announced an official retirement, she has expressed no desire to return to the ring.
  • When was Torrie Wilson’s last match in WWE?
    • Torrie’s last singles match was on November 20, 2007, on SmackDown.
  • What did Torrie say about Trish Stratus’s return?
    • Torrie admired Trish’s dedication and resilience during her return, even texting her to express her admiration.
  • Why doesn’t Torrie Wilson want to return to the ring?
    • Torrie believes that a return would require her to prove herself as an athlete, which would mean taking more bumps and undergoing rigorous training, something she’s not keen on subjecting her body to.
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