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Torrie Wilson reveals she has NO REGRETS over this WWE decision

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In an era of WWE known for its Ruthless Aggression, Torrie Wilson stood out not just for her athleticism and charm but also for her memorable storylines and moments inside the ring.

Despite a successful career that saw her become one of the most beloved figures in wrestling, Wilson never clinched a WWE championship title.

However, in a recent candid interview with Chris Van Vliet on “Insight,” Wilson shared her perspective on this aspect of her career, revealing a stance of strong conviction and peace with her journey.

WWE News: A Career Defined by Moments, Not Titles

Torrie Wilson’s tenure in WWE was marked by significant achievements and fan-favourite moments, yet the absence of a championship title in her portfolio has been a topic of discussion among fans and critics alike.

Addressing this, Wilson expressed that the lack of a title never personally bothered her, though she acknowledged it seemed to affect her fans more deeply.

She emphasised that her identity and legacy as a wrestler were not tied to championship belts. “It never bothered me – No – the only thing that bothers me is that it bothered other people – they’re like ‘You should have!’ and I’m like that title that someone determines outside of the match doesn’t define who I am, right and the fact of the matter is – there are people that won titles that people don’t remember,” Wilson stated.

WWE News: Legacy Beyond the Championship

Wilson’s approach to her career and her perspective on championships offer a refreshing take on success in the wrestling world. She pointed out that many wrestlers have won titles yet haven’t left a lasting impact on fans, suggesting that the true measure of a wrestler’s legacy is not necessarily found in the number of titles won but in the memories and moments created.

T\his philosophy has resonated with many of her fans and fellow wrestlers alike, highlighting the importance of character, performance, and connection with the audience.

In July 2002, Wilson did have an opportunity to compete for the WWE Women’s Championship against then-champion Molly Holly on SmackDown.

Despite not winning the title, Wilson’s career achievements, including her induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019, underscore her significant contributions to the sport and her lasting popularity among wrestling fans.


  • Did Torrie Wilson ever win a WWE championship? No, Torrie Wilson never won a WWE championship during her career.
  • What does Torrie Wilson believe defines a wrestler’s legacy? Torrie Wilson believes a wrestler’s legacy is defined by their hard work, in-ring performance, and the memorable moments they create, rather than solely by championship victories.
  • Was Torrie Wilson inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Yes, Torrie Wilson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019, recognizing her contributions and impact on the sport.
  • How does Torrie Wilson feel about not winning a WWE championship? Torrie Wilson has no regrets about not winning a WWE championship, stating that it never bothered her personally and that her identity and legacy as a wrestler are not tied to championship titles.
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