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Travis Kelce reveals that he got FINED for using a WWE move during an NFL game

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In a surprising revelation, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce disclosed that he faced a fine from the NFL back in 2018. The reason? He executed a Stone Cold Stunner, a popular WWE move, on the Los Angeles Raiders’ Anthony Sherman after scoring a touchdown.

Kelce, during a recent episode of his New Heights podcast, delved into the details of the incident. After scoring a touchdown against the Raiders, Anthony Sherman approached him in celebration.

Seizing the moment, Kelce performed the Stone Cold Stunner on Sherman. Describing the event, Kelce said, “He came over like, ‘Yeah, Trav!.’ He was just exposed and I was like, Stunner, yeah? He was all for it.”

Kelce emphasised, “You already know, the biggest thing, if you’re going to pull off a Stunner, you have to act like you got electrocuted, you’re dead. You gotta sell it. That’s half of the Stunner, you have to sell it.”

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Travis Kelce: The Fine

Despite the playful nature of the act, the NFL didn’t view it in the same light. Kelce revealed, “I got fined for it. I kicked him, it’s like violence. It’s just a wrestling move. We’re not promoting violence, we’re promoting Stone Cold Steve Austin.” The league’s decision to fine Kelce underscores the strict regulations players must adhere to, even when celebrating.

Interestingly, Kelce isn’t the only player to have faced repercussions for WWE-inspired antics. Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs was also recently fined. His offence? Hosting an Austin-like beer bash after scoring a touchdown in a game against the Miami Dolphins.

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The Reaction

The incident, which took place a few years ago, still resonates with fans. Social media platforms, especially Twitter, saw a flurry of reactions, with many sharing clips and memes of the memorable moment. One such tweet read, “Y’all remember when Travis Kelce hit Anthony Sherman with a Stone Cold Stunner? 😂😂”.

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  • What move did Travis Kelce use from WWE?
    • Travis Kelce used the Stone Cold Stunner, a move popularised by WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  • Why was Travis Kelce fined?
    • The NFL fined Kelce as they considered the move to be promoting violence, even though it was just a playful wrestling move.
  • Who else in the NFL has been fined for WWE-inspired actions?
    • Stefon Diggs, a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, was fined for having an Austin-like beer bash after scoring a touchdown.
  • Where did Travis Kelce discuss this incident?
    • Kelce spoke about the incident on a recent episode of his podcast, “New Heights”.

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