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Trinity reveals the shocking reason that she and Sasha Banks walked out of WWE

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In May 2022, Trinity (also known as Naomi) and Mercedes Mone (known as Sasha Banks) made headlines when they walked out of a WWE RAW TV taping.

The reason behind their sudden departure was a disagreement with the direction of the women’s tag team division. At the time, they were the reigning champions.

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Trinity and Sasha Banks: The Decision to Walk Out

Trinity recently opened up about the incident in an interview with The New York Post. She revealed that the decision to walk out was not taken lightly.

“There was a lot that happened. There was a lot that was said that ultimately led to me being put in a position and feeling like that was the best for me and what I needed to do. I still believe that. I still stand on that and that’s just what it is,” she said.

So while we do not have an exact recount of what happened, it’s shocking that there was something of that magnitude to make both women walk out of the taping.

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Fans’ Reaction and Support

The fans’ reaction to the walkout was mixed. However, Trinity hopes that fans understand the depth of their commitment to women’s wrestling.

“I just hope that through all of the drama and the rumours and the messiness that the one thing people do know about us is how much we care about women’s wrestling,” she said.

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The Bond Between Trinity and Mone

Throughout the ordeal, Trinity and Mone remained close. They supported each other during this challenging time. “Me and her, we just had each other it felt like. Other than Tamina, Bayley checking in on us regularly, that was it. We just had each other going through that,” Trinity shared.

She further added, “Nobody understands the magnitude of what happened and what really went on and why we feel the way we feel and where we are but me and her and the people that were involved that day.”

This incident has not only shown the strength of their friendship but also their dedication to the sport. Despite the controversy, they stood by their beliefs and made a bold statement about the direction of women’s wrestling in WWE.

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The Future of Women’s Wrestling

The future of women’s wrestling in WWE remains uncertain. However, the actions of Trinity and Mone have sparked a conversation about the need for change. Their decision to walk out has highlighted the issues within the women’s tag team division and the need for WWE to address these concerns.

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