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Triple H invites MASSIVE NBA star to WrestleMania 40

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In a surprising turn of events, the wrestling world and the basketball court have collided in an unexpected invitation. Triple H, the iconic WWE superstar, has extended an invitation to none other than Joel Embiid, the reigning NBA MVP, to grace the grandest stage of them all – WrestleMania 40.

The Philadelphia Connection

WrestleMania 40 is set to take place in Philadelphia, a city renowned for its rich sports heritage. Among its legendary sports teams is the Philadelphia 76ers, and leading their charge is the towering figure of Joel Embiid.

The connection between the city, the NBA star, and the wrestling event is palpable, making this invitation even more intriguing.

Triple H: A Celebration that Led to an Invitation

The story behind this unique invitation traces back to an NBA game on October 29th. Joel Embiid, in a moment of exuberance, celebrated with a D-Generation X/Triple H gesture after a play against the Portland Trailblazers.

This celebration, however, didn’t sit well with the NBA authorities, leading to a hefty fine of $35,000 for Embiid.

Triple H, always one to spot an opportunity, responded to this news by taking to social media. His message to Embiid was clear: if you’re looking for a place where such celebrations are not just allowed but celebrated, then WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia is the place to be.

Triple H and Joel Embiid: Not Their First Rodeo

This isn’t the first time HHH and Joel Embiid’s paths have crossed. The NBA star had previously collaborated with Triple H for a special entrance during a Sixers game last year.

This prior interaction adds another layer to the unfolding drama, making fans wonder if this invitation could lead to something more substantial at WrestleMania.

What Lies Ahead?

While the invitation has been extended, the ball is now in Embiid’s court. Will the NBA MVP make an appearance at WrestleMania 40? Or is this just a playful exchange between two giants of their respective fields? Only time will tell.


  • Who invited Joel Embiid to WrestleMania 40?
    • Triple H, the WWE superstar, invited Joel Embiid.
  • Why was Joel Embiid fined by the NBA?
    • He was fined $35,000 for his D-Generation X/Triple H celebration during a game against the Portland Trailblazers.
  • Where is WrestleMania 40 taking place?
    • WrestleMania 40 is set to take place in Philadelphia.
  • Have HHH and Joel Embiid interacted before?
    • Yes, Joel Embiid had previously collaborated with Triple H for a special entrance during a Sixers game.
  • Is Joel Embiid confirmed to appear at WrestleMania 40?
    • As of now, there’s no confirmation on Joel Embiid’s appearance at the event.
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