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Triple H invites former NFL star to WWE

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In a remarkable crossover between sports and entertainment, WWE’s Chief Content Officer, Triple H, has extended an invitation to former NFL star Shannon Sharpe to attend a WWE event.

This invitation follows Sharpe’s passionate expression of his love for wrestling on his Nightcap podcast.

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Shannon Sharpe’s Wrestling Nostalgia

Shannon Sharpe, a three-time Super Bowl-winning tight end, shared his fond memories of wrestling, tracing back to his childhood.

He reminisced about watching wrestling legends like Harley Race, Bobo Brazil, and Nick Bockwinkel, often attending shows with his family.

His detailed recollection and evident respect for the history of wrestling caught the attention of Triple H.

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Triple H: The Open Invitation

Impressed by Sharpe’s knowledge and passion for wrestling, Triple H took to X/Twitter to extend an open invitation to Sharpe and the entire Nightcap crew.

He tweeted, “Love the respect and passion for the history of our business. @ShannonSharpe and the @NightcapShow_ crew are welcome to join us at a @WWE event any place, any time.”

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Triple H and WWE’s History with NFL Crossovers

WWE has a long-standing tradition of welcoming NFL stars, with notable appearances from William “The Refrigerator” Perry at WrestleMania 2, Lawrence Taylor at WrestleMania 11, and more recent cameos from Rob Gronkowski and George Kittle.

Sharpe’s potential involvement in a WWE event adds to this exciting history of crossover between the NFL and WWE.

The Impact of Celebrity Involvement in WWE

Celebrity appearances in WWE events are not just about star power; they bring a unique energy and draw in fans from various spheres.

The involvement of sports stars like Sharpe can bridge the gap between different fan bases, introducing new audiences to the world of professional wrestling.


  • Who is Shannon Sharpe?
    • Shannon Sharpe is a former NFL star and a three-time Super Bowl-winning tight end.
  • What did Shannon Sharpe share on his podcast?
    • He shared his childhood memories of watching wrestling legends and expressed his love for the sport.
  • How did Triple H respond to Sharpe’s podcast?
    • Triple H tweeted an invitation to Sharpe and his crew to attend any WWE event.
  • Why are NFL stars invited to WWE events?
    • NFL stars bring a unique appeal and help bridge the gap between different sports fan bases.
  • Has WWE had other NFL crossovers?
    • Yes, including appearances by William “The Refrigerator” Perry, Lawrence Taylor, Rob Gronkowski, and George Kittle.
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