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Triple H: How involved is he still in NXT?

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WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has been involved with main roster WWE creative for some time, but is he still involved in NXT?

One of our sources recently indicated to us that not only is ‘The Game’ still heavily involved in booking the NXT brand, but he and Shawn Michaels essentially co-run the show.

“Hunter and Vince are basically collaborating on everything in today’s WWE, they make the decisions for the main roster together, but NXT is run strictly by Hunter and HBK, Vince not involved in the slightest” is what we were told directly.

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Does Triple H still run NXT?

It was also indicated to us that HHH keeps his hand in the NXT brand as it is still his ‘baby,’ and that his working relationship with HBK is the same as his working relationship with Vince McMahon on the main roster:

“Yeah, he definitely has his two cents in NXT, it is his baby after all. To put it in the easiest of terms, Hunter and Vince collab work together for the main roster Hunter and HBK do the same for NXT.”

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