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Triple H Reveals Why He Was Threatened To Be Fired

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Degeneration-X remains to be one of the greatest factions in WWE. One of the members back in the day, Triple H, recently revealed that former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had seriously threatened to fire him following the USA Network’s unhappiness with D-Generation X segments.

Triple H recalls the incident

‘The Game’ is currently the WWE Chief Content Officer. Triple H’s current role is quite ironic in the eyes of fans of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras of WWE, who remember Hunter for his stint with the rebellious D-Generation X faction.

Speaking with SPORTbible, Triple H revealed that the USA Network was unhappy with the explicit nature of DX segments on WWE Raw, so much so that Vince McMahon threatened to release The Game ’˜every week’.

Triple H recalled a DX segment involving an official USA Network letter, noting:

‘We said ’˜let us take the letter and use it on TV.’ (Vince McMahon) was like ’˜in what way? I said ’˜we will make that into a comedy routine.’

‘He was like ’˜alright, make sure its funny,’ but he’s got a pretty warped sense of what’s funny so it’s alright. We did like a presidential podium and the three of us got up there, as if Shawn (Michaels) was President and we were standing behind him.

‘We went through the list of words and they beeped the words we weren’t allowed to say. We said, ’˜this is direct from USA, we in D-Generation X apologise for our attitudes, we will no longer say the words’¦’ and we went through the list.

‘The next day we got a letter from USA that said ’˜Congratulations on the ratings last night, what DX did with our letter was hilarious. Congratulations on the success, here’s to many more years.’’

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