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Triple H: “The churn is what’s great about NXT”

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Former Head of WWE NXT Triple H recently discussed the brand and how it has changed into the NXT 2.0 developmental product that is now on USA Network.

Speaking to The Athletic, The Game talked about how the product has changed since moving from WWE Network to the USA Network.

‘There was this point where it was on the (WWE) Network, had this cult following, and we needed to get on television,’ Triple H began. 

‘How do we do that? We need more experience, need to professionalize this a little bit to make the product to where fans want to see that” Hunter added.

Triple H on NXT

“We got them to that place. The pandemic (messed) it up a little bit because it was right when we went on TV and we had to shift our focus, doing it in front of no people.

“It completely altered what we were doing. We couldn’t recruit or train talent for almost two years. ’¦ But the show stayed” Triple H continued.

“Then we said, OK, let’s reboot it and go back to what we originally were. Some of these people won’t be ready for television, but we’re gonna put them on television, and we believe the audience is invested enough that the numbers might come down, but a core group of them will stay, and now you’re creating fresh stars all the time. That’s where we are now. The numbers have stabilized” the WWE Hall of Famer concluded.

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