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Triple H REVEALS his WWE Creative Approach

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In the dynamic world of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the creative process behind the scenes is as crucial as the action in the ring. Recently, WWE’s Chief Content Officer, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, shared insights into his approach to WWE’s creative direction, marking a significant shift in the company’s storytelling and production.

Triple H, who took over as head of WWE’s creative team in July 2022, emphasises the importance of viewing the product through the eyes of a fan, as he described during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

This approach, he notes, was a key lesson from his predecessor, Vince McMahon. By putting himself in the audience’s shoes, Triple H aims to craft storylines and character arcs that resonate emotionally with the viewers. His mantra is simple yet profound: “Book what people want to feel and see.”

Triple H: The Art of Storytelling in Wrestling

At the heart of Triple H’s creative philosophy is the belief that wrestling is more than just physical bouts; it’s about storytelling that evokes emotions.

He views the writing process as an art form that goes beyond mere analysis of story structures.

The key, according to him, is to create narratives that make the audience feel deeply connected to the characters and their journeys.

A New Generation of Talent

Triple H also speaks highly of the current generation of WWE talent, noting their passion and dedication to the sport. Many of these wrestlers grew up as fans, bringing a unique perspective and respect for the industry. This generational shift, he believes, is crucial in maintaining a strong connection with the WWE fan base.

The Future of WWE Creative

Under Triple H’s leadership, WWE’s creative direction seems poised for a refreshing change.

His approach, grounded in a deep understanding of what fans desire and an appreciation for the art of storytelling, suggests a bright future for WWE programming.


  • What role does The Game currently hold in WWE?
    • Triple H is the Chief Content Officer and head of WWE’s creative team.
  • What is Triple H’s approach to WWE’s creative process?
    • He focuses on viewing the product from a fan’s perspective, emphasizing emotional storytelling and character development.
  • How does HHH view the current generation of WWE talent?
    • He sees them as passionate and dedicated, many of whom grew up as fans, bringing a deep respect and understanding of the industry.
  • What change does Triple H bring to WWE’s creative direction?
    • His approach marks a shift towards more emotionally resonant storytelling and a deeper connection with the audience.
  • What was the key lesson Triple H learned from Vince McMahon?
    • The importance of viewing the product through the eyes of a fan to ensure it resonates with the audience.
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